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Goalkeeper academy


As of 1995 the goalkeeper academy, led by Lambert Jager, is active in goalkeeper coaching for boys as well as girls. The academy is working at 2 seperate locations namely on the National Sportscentre Papendal in Arnhem and on sports parc of V.V. De Meern in De Meern. De Meern is led by Kees van Laaren and the practices at Papendal are led by Lambert Jager en Rob Jager.
The practices are done throughout the season on sunday morning. the goalkeepers are devided in groups by age and are being coached and supervised by well experienced goalkeeper coaches.

During the season there will be practiced on the following skills:
– Getting into the correct starting position;
– Footwork in and in front of the goal;
– Cutting forward towards the ball;
– Teaching the technique of cathing the ball correctly;
– Choosing the correct position in and in front of the goal;
– improve and maintain the several ways of getting the ball back into play;
– Processing high and low balls;
– How and when to coach.

Contact Details:
Keepersschool Midden-Nederland
Lambert & Rob Jager
Sportcentrum Papendal
Papendallaan 3
Mail: lambertjager@hotmail.com

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