Every goalkeeper will improve with us!



Youth goalkeeper practice

Keepersschool Midden-Nederland, 20 years a household name in the Netherlands. In a appropriate and instructive way we develop the skills of each youth goalkeeper!


Do you think about nothing else than goalkeeping? Are you driven to keep improving? Than you can say you got passion for goalkeeping and you will be in the right place with us. We love to help you to developing and make you the best goalkeeper you can be. To do that we use challenging, game aimed execirses, explained and guided by highly skilled and passionate coaches.


People often say that goalkeepers are lazy. During the pratices at the goalkeeper academy we will prove them wrong.
During the practice we always ask for 100% effort, because only with that you will improve. No matter which level you are on, if you put in a lot of effort, we will make you a better goalkeeper.
Can you do that? Do you want to want that? In that case the goalkeeper academy really is something for you.


If you are a goalkeeper who really wants to make the best out of your talent, we can do a lot for you.
Together we will analyze your talent and visibly make you improve.

” To practice with so many other goalkeepers is real fun”

“2 hours of full effort for each ball, we love it!”

“With your coach discovering your strengths ”

Practice at the academy?

In a fun and educational way we will go practice with you to make you a beter goalkeeper. We do that in a challenging and motivating way, suiting the modern Football/Soccer. With this we keep a very close focus to the personal options (strenghts and weaknesses) of each individual goalkeeper.

We work targetted on technique in the situation you will recognize from the games you play. We do that with very experienced and passionate coached. They allways know to push the bar a little higher so you will allways have to work hard.

We are an club independant goalkeeper academy and have over 20 years of experience.
In that time we have trained and schooled over 300 goalkeepers and have contacts with a lot of top clubs in the Netherlands.
Are you up for the challenge with us?

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Partner of the academy:

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Keepersschool Midden-Nederland
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